Branch conference 2020 to be held online


We continue planning for the 2020 Branch Meeting to be held on September 25, 2020.

Recently, we issued a survey to branch members to determine the best way we can conduct our conference, in light of continued risks from COVID-19.

We had 41 respondents.  The respondents overwhelmingly indicated that we should not proceed with an in-person conference in Fall, 2020.

Most respondents favored an online, abbreviated Branch meeting for Fall, 2020.  The local committee agrees and has decided to plan such a meeting.  The committee is working to trim the program down to something that fits our format for this year.  We will update you soon with a “Save the Date” notice with a tentative program.  We expect to charge a discounted registration to both full members and students to cover hosting costs.

Respondents further indicated that, although most events in our traditional program are important to them, three events are most important to them: i) Student Oral Presentations (including student prizes for best presentation), ii) ASM Distinguished Lecturer, and iii) Keynote Speaker.  We are further exploring a means to host other important events, including distributing student posters (with prize competition) and the career development panel.

Thank you for your continued adaptability and support of the Branch.