Presentation Format

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Submitted Talks

Abstracts will be selected on the basis of the overall completeness of the research from background through conclusions.  General interest to the audience for the session and timeliness of the abstract submission will be considered during review and selection.
Format:  Concurrent sessions will take place in separate Zoom meetings.  Attendees will be able to move freely between sessions.  There will be one host for each Zoom session and they will grant presenters permission to share screens during their allotted time.  At the moment, we expect each presenter will have a 15 min time slot, with 10-12 minutes for presentation followed by a couple of minutes of Q & A.

Poster Session

Abstracts will be selected based mainly on the completeness of the work.  If it is clear that you did your research in any area of the microbiological sciences and that you have made inferences from your results, you should expect to present in the poster session.  Therefore, it would be best to start making your poster prior to receiving your acceptance letter, particularly if you submit at or near the deadline.  Practice a 3 to 5 minute “pitch” that explains your research project with reference to your poster.  Your typical audience member will have only five minutes or so to visit with you.  To provide poster presenters a chance to visit other posters, we are planning to have a split session, with half of posters presenting in the first 45 minute time slot and the other half presenting in the second 45 minute time slot.
Poster format:  PDF files will render best over the app, and Powerpoint slides or high resolution image files can be downloaded for viewing just fine.  File size of posters must be less than 250 MB – though smaller will be better for viewing.  Vertical/portrait format will facilitate a better audience experience, especially for audience members participating via smartphone.   We recommend limiting the amount of text to about 500 words or fewer.  Be sure that figures are crisp when zoomed in at full size.
Poster upload:  You must provide a poster file and a Zoom meeting link to us by September 23, 2020 in order to participate in the poster session.  This will give us an opportunity to approve the poster file and check that it renders well in Padlet.  Your Zoom link will ensure that you can host your poster audience while having full control over the screen sharing and presentation.
Troubleshooting:   Since you will be the host of the Zoom account, you may need to seek technical help from your organization’s IT.  If you are unable to establish a Zoom meeting through your home organization, please contact us before Sept. 23 at